Hair transplantation

FUE method

Follicular hair transplantation (FUE method) is a seamless way to eliminate baldness indicators. Now there are a lot of modern methods of hair transplantation and the FUE technique is one of them. Follicular hair transplantation is a way in which seamless transplantation of hair follicles is carried out. This does not require the use of general anesthesia, and all actions are carried out under local, which makes it more accessible to everyone.

FUE facilitates the targeted collection of donor material for transplantation in areas with alopecia. Thus, it is possible to eliminate the formation of linear scars.

This principle of operation is characterized by the fact that if it is not possible to collect hair from a patient on the head, then it is possible to obtain material for transplantation from other parts of the body. In places of sampling, micro-wounds heal quickly and do not leave a trace and will not disturb in the future.

Indications for FUE hair transplantation

  • Cicatricial and androgenetic alopecia of any degree

  • Baldness caused by an inflammatory disease

  • Deep bald patches

  • Correction of the form of growth of mustaches, eyebrows

  • The hereditary order of the anterior hairline

There are also contraindications for this procedure.

  • Hypersensitivity to the drugs used;

  • Infectious and inflammatory pathologies in the field of manipulation

  • and collection of donor tissue;

  • Diabetes mellitus of the insulin-dependent type;

  • Various blood diseases;

  • Chronic skin diseases in the acute stage;

  • Autoimmune diseases.

  • Oncological pathologies.


The FUE procedure gives good results. The density of hair is usually no more than 50 per 1 square centimeter. Nevertheless, a fairly large part of the material (about 10-20%) disappears during the removal. Most of the hair takes root, and the process of adaptation ends on average in 2-3 months. Six months after the FUE operation, the final result can be assessed. But it is worth noting that hair growth may differ slightly from natural.