RPR therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (synonyms: RPR, platelet-rich plasma, platelet concentrate, platelet gel, abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma with an increased content of platelets. Since platelets play a crucial role in the healing and regeneration of damaged body tissues, PRP can significantly increase the effectiveness of many treatments. At present, based on PRP, a multifunctional medical technique PRP therapy has been developed, which is used in dentistry and cosmetology.

Description of PRP

Normally, the concentration of platelets in the blood ranges between 150 thousand / μl and 350 thousand / μl and averages 200 thousand / μl. It has been scientifically proven that the stimulating effect of platelet-rich plasma is manifested if the concentration of platelets in it is 1,000,000/µl. Therefore, at the moment, plasma is called platelet-rich if their concentration in it is 1,000,000/µl. At a lower concentration, the stimulating effect is not manifested, at the same time, it has not yet been shown that an increase in platelet concentration above 1,000,000/µl leads to a further acceleration of regeneration.

Everyone dreams of healthy beautiful hair. But their appearance directly depends on the health of the scalp and the work of doctors. It is worth contacting them for advice and, if necessary, innovative PRP therapy for the treatment of hair and scalp.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is one of the most effective, versatile and safe treatments for the treatment of hair and scalp. Stimulation of latent tissue reserves using blood plasma is the essence of the technique. PRP hair therapy accelerates the natural processes of hair and scalp regeneration, thanks to the content of well-known growth factors in platelets.


  • Baldness in men and women.

  • Severe hair loss.

  • Thinning of the hair shaft.

  • Violation of the sebaceous glands

  • seborrhea


  • Inflammatory or infectious diseases.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Mental disorders and depression.

  • Diseases of the liver.

  • Violation of blood clotting.

  • Low concentration of platelets.


  • There will be a reduction in hair loss;

  • Strengthening hair follicles;

  • The work of the sebaceous glands returns to normal;

  • Passes itching and dandruff;

  • Reduces fragility of the hair shaft;

  • Hair becomes elastic and thick;

Of course, in order for the result to be noticeable, it is necessary to carry out five or six procedures of this therapy. After all, a long-term effect and hair restoration in general are provided to you after this course.