Hair transplantation

FUT Method

Not so long ago, alopecia was considered an insurmountable problem. The pioneers in the field of hair transplantation were surgeons of the 20th century. Replantation remains the only way to restore hair, it is an innovation for the benefit of beauty.

Replantation remains the only way to restore hair, it is an innovation for the benefit of beauty.

FUT Method

  • Removal of donor tissue

  • Distribution of the obtained flap into micrografts, preparation of material for further actions

  • Separation of micro-holes for transplanting into the problem area

  • The final stage of implantation of grafts in problem areas

Operation steps


Procedure step

Under conditions convenient for the patient, under local anesthesia, a skin fragment with hair follicles is isolated. Subsequently, a cosmetic micro-suture is applied in the occipital region in the occipital region.


Procedure step

The resulting donor material is sent to the laboratory. Where a team of experienced doctors isolates micro-grafts for transplantation under binocular magnification. In two hours of work, 8,000 to 12,000 hair follicles are prepared for transplantation.


Procedure step

Hair transplantation in the area of baldness is carried out taking into account the direction of growth of one's own hair. Implantation of grafts in the strip method is carried out either using an implanter or manually. The choice of implantation path depends on the type of skin and the nature of the baldness.


  • With allergic reactions to medications used during anesthesia.

  • For skin diseases

  • With poor blood clotting

  • With diabetes


In the second month after the transplant, you will observe hair growth from the transplanted grafts. pimples and irritations may appear on the scalp, at this stage of recovery, which, in the future, disappear when the hair grows. 100% restoration of hairline will be 10-12 months after transplantation.