Hair transplant to beard

Beard hair transplantation is one of the new trends in the 21st century. For a certain circle of men, a beard is a sign of well-being and wealth. Growing it on its own or doing a transplant is a personal path. But there are men for whom beard transplantation is the only chance to remove skin defects on the face that have arisen as a result of injuries, surgeries or diseases.


Hair transplantation in follicular groups is the most effective way to grow a new beard. Three main methods are known: FUT, FUE, HFE.


The method is characterized by the fact that a small part is cut off from the scalp (occipital part) and divided into grafts (in this case, hair follicles with pieces of the skin).


A less traumatic method, since the hair follicle is directly removed from the scalp using a special device. The procedure does not affect the skin.


Hair transplantation by the noted method is considered the most modern of all currently available. The essence of the method does not change - the same transplantation of material from one place to another, but the method is radically different.


  • Lack of hair in the area of the beard and mustache due to damage to the hair follicles

  • With trauma to the skin of the face and defects in appearance.


  • Poor blood clotting

  • The presence of infectious and inflammatory processes in the body

  • Disorders of the hematopoietic process

  • Oncology

  • Hormonal disruptions